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THE PHALANX TABLE IS TRULY OUR CROWN JEWEL IN OUR DEDICATED BOARD ROOM. A GAME CHANGER. After a thorough research on dedicated board game tables we finally decided to go for a quality product from Rathskellers. Rathskellers superb, fun, very personal and super fast response via email gave us right at the beginning of our journey high confidence in ordering an expensive furniture overseas. Speaking of journey, take your time and bring along a lot of [...]


IT IS LIKE I’VE SPENT THE LAST TWO YEARS SLUMMING IN AN ORC CAMP, BUT SUDDENLY FIND MYSELF IN RIVENDELL, SURROUNDED BY WONDEROUS ELVEN WORKMANSHIP. My Phalanx has finally arrived and gone through its first couple of gaming sessions. It is easily the centerpiece of the game room! No only does it look amazing, but it enhances the whole feeling of game night. It’s versatility gives you options to suit different games: or none at [...]

RAPHAEL P. | MUNICH ????????

DESPITE IT BEING THE CENTERPIECE, IT NEVER FORCES ITSELF IN THE FOREGROUND. IT IS A POWERFUL PRESENCE IN THE ROOM, BUT ALSO AN UNDERSTATEMENT IN DESIGN. IT DEMANDS ATTENTION AND AWE WHEN YOU WANT IT TO, BUT CALMLY TAKES A BACK SEAT WHEN YOU DON’T. I’m a skeptic. When I read that the table “should last for generations”, I thought that surely must be hyperbole. Boy, was I wrong – that thing is as massive [...]