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Review for The Councilor - DEPOSIT


PRI | ZURICH ????????

The staff is awesome, speak great English and are super knowledgeable. You can just come to them with a very general idea of your ideal table, and they will make it happen, everything! They are super quick to respond and we could make very informed decisions because we had all the support we needed. I even asked them what they thought would look good regarding the rest of my furniture, and they are always willing to help and give their opinion. I also found them super honest and straightforward, everything was crystal clear from beginning to end: we knew exactly how much everything cost, whenever they had a cheaper or more expensive (and better quality) they were prompt to suggest and ask us. They even made the research regarding shipping and customs.

I could go on and on about their professionalism, we’re really super pleased with their service – until the very end, by the way. It wasn’t like they shipped the table and then it wasn’t on their hands anymore, they kept contacting us and keeping us updated until the table had reached us, and were very thoughtful of our opinion regarding the shipping service. Really outstanding.

Regarding the table itself, the pictures speak for themselves. It is GORGEOUS. The wood is very well stained, every detail makes the table super special. It was actually quite easy to assemble, even though we are two and our table is huge (188 x 125), we actually managed to do it ourselves. I love the fact I can use just half of it and keep my computer or whatever on the other half (as seen in the pictures), the felt is definitely top (as we were informed) and I love the gray and black together. The USB port works perfectly and the trays we got run very smoothly. The table is also very heavy and sturdy, it will surely last for a long, long time. I really love it..

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