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Review for The Councilor - DEPOSIT

  1. 10/10 WOULD BUY AGAIN!


We have been fantasizing about our own gaming table for a few years now. When we finally decided to purchase one Rathskellers was our first choice from the start because we felt that their tables are looking beautiful. We had a great communication about everything that we wanted for our table. This also included assistance surrounding choices about the stain color, fabric type and color and accessories. The service was friendly, quick and on point.

In the end went with the big councilor table, awesome LED lights and the heavy duty drawer (for the table leaves). We decided to have the table be a few cm higher. (we are Dutch!). And then the waiting beganā€¦

A few months later a big wooden crate arrived at our doorstep with our new and awesome gaming table. Everything was packed properly and in mint condition. Getting it inside of the house was a little hurdle. The table is pretty heavy (little tip: organize some help!). Once we got the table inside, the rest of the set up was easy.

The quality and craftsmanship for this table is excellent!!

We are super excited to play games on our new table with our friends. This table makes every game look better!!


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